Harlösa donationshus
opposite the church is a museum that shows the living environment in the 1800s and 1940s. Built in 1824 as a retirement home for Hjularöd manor elderly.

June 6, 2012: Opposite the church in Harlösa is Donationshuset. Built in the 1820s as a retirement home for Hjularöd manor's elderly. Now a museum of ancient elderly. Nearby is the viewpoint Bligehöj. I've driven past it many times and thought about trying to visit the donationhuset at some time. But it's not often it is open. This day is the national day and it is open. Me and some other get a guided tour. Beginning in the east. At the entrance is a fireplace and a bread oven. To the right is a furnished room. At the table is a bench, a gåsbänk. The bench is the nests of geese where they can lay eggs. The room to the left contains older gear. On the floor is a potato tear loader. Something as is snowshoes for horses. On one wall hangs miscellaneous tools, a hook for pulling things out in case of a fire, Beet harvesters, threshing kind. The guide demonstrates the usage.

Going in the other side with two apartments, one from the 1800s, the other 1940's. First one encounters the kitchen, here was food made over an open fire. A hole in the wall into a stove that heats in the 1800's room. In the 1940s, they had iron stove and electricity. On a table is the paper Hemmets Veckotidning with a report about Gunder Hägg. Exits in the storage room where the guide shows clothes. Much of the furniture and possessions have been collected from farms in the area.

Eslövs municipality about Donationshuset