at Stehag. Walking trails in beautiful forest. A valley with a variety of wild garlic and corydalis.

May 1, 2015
Park at the community center and kindergarten Trollhassel) Witch Hazel. Following the path over the ridge through the forest. Here lived once the troll woman Gya with her husband Thule. Today, there are no troll.

Take right below the ridge, a yellow-marked path, anemones is along the path. Passing stone circles and a cist. Over a clearcut where signposts pointing out the path. Coming under the beautiful beeches, whose leaves are turning out in their bright spring green color. A maple in full bloom. The smell of garlic strikes. A valley full of wild garlic, hence the smell and the name Lökdalen (Garlic Valley). Many corydalis, white and pink.

Coming out on a forest road. The forest is covered with wood anemones. On a clearing has birches started showing their sheer greenery. Further, the running track, here should be the giant aspens be. Well, hard to see without leaves for an ignorant. It is said to have tried to plant them from Lillö in Ringsjön where they grow. In a tree hanging colored sticks with names. Probably from Witch Hazel.

Drive to Trollenäs castle for coffee in Borgstugan.