is a lake northwest of Hoor, with swimming, fishing and beautiful surroundings.

April 20, 2014
Drive from Hallaröd against Norra Rörum. After the lake Dagstorpssjön, which is not visible from the road, is a narrow dirt road to the right. Nature reserve is written on a sign. The road is narrow and curvy. After about a kilometer is a sign Nature Reserve into an even narrower road to a parking before a farm.

A path goes down to a bathing place. On a field grazing highland cattle. Touch the water, almost possible to swim. Go west on the path along the lake. Wood anemones cover the ground under trees that vary in green. A stile takes one through a wire fence. A narrow marsh is passed on stones. Sun shine in the lake. Leaving the trail, follow the lakeshore. Coming up to the creek past the Länghult's mill. Jump the creek. Round the lake on bumpy path. Passing a boat and fireplace. Turns at a scout cabin. Take a walk in the beech forest at the mill. Wood-sorrel blossoms on a tree trunk. Meets a couple with dog. Walking back along the lake to the bathing place.

The possible places for lunch, the rack and bathing place, are already occupied. Continuing eastward, following a stile is a nice place on the lakeshore. Many pass on the path. Moving on to the path east through the woods. On a fallen tree trunk wood sorrel flowers, refreshing with chewing on a leaf. Coming to the path down to a bathing area, where a family camp. Available stone table and barbecue. Go further out on a promontory. Enjoying coffee, marzipan egg and spring.

Wanders back, turns west on a red marked trail. The path goes through woods and over fields. On a path between stone walls back to the parking lot.