Malmö's largest park, includes ponds, Flower street, Margareta Pavilion, green area the Plate.

About two visits to Pildammsparken. The park is 2014 celebrating 100 years since the Baltic Expo 1914, with information and the 'Blomstergatan' (Flower street) at Margareta Pavilion has been recreated according to Crown Princess Margareta's ideas.

May 26, 2014
Taking the train to the Triangeln. Go up the south end. Smedjegatan walk towards Pildammsparken. But, no park is seem. Brings up the map. Looks confused on it. Malmö is not my forte. A man stops and asks kindly what is looked for. "Pildammsparken". "It's over there" and he points in the opposite direction. Somewhat embarrassing. Go there and enter the park through the north-west entrance. Should be a restaurant nearby, walk along the large pond towards the former water tower. Closed and deserted. Turn and go the opposite direction. Will visit the Flower street "Blomstergatan" and Margareta Pavilion. There are plenty of geese at the pond.

Passing a water staircase and a muscular naked man who stands as memorial to the Baltic exhibition 1914. Passing a path with wall like trimmed trees. Coming to Blomstergatan leading to Margareta Pavilion. There one is in the process of changing spring to summer splendor. They recreate the flower beds after Crown Princess Margareta ideas a hundred years ago. A large picture shows how it looked back then. In the end of the street lies Margareta Pavilion with information about the Crown Princess. In front is a plantation with a bridal crown. In the open-air theater behind the embankment at the pavilion is it worked on the stage. Alongside the pavilion is a restaurant and cafe, take coffee and apple pie.

Moving on through the rose garden, becomes beautiful when the roses bloom, too early yet. Pass by "children's garden" where children helped with the planting. Continuing through the wall like trimmed trees to Plate "Tallriken", a large open circular lawn area with vertical straight walls of beech around. Inside the grove stands a monument in stone from the Baltic exhibition. Back to the big pond, out in the water are fountains, a duck family and greylag geese with downy chicks. Walking around the pond, people sitting in the nice weather, past training equipment. Gulls quarrel on pieces of bread.

Leaving the park, walking through the Castle Park to Slottsträdgårdens cafe where the excursion ends with an asparagus risotto. A jackdaw is looking for a tidbit.

July 12, 2014
This time is there no need of the map or the help of a friendly man. Now the spring plantings has been replaced by summer flower beds. In the bridal crown at the Margareta Pavilion is blooming cathedral bells. Children's Garden flower. Goes another round at the Plate with its walls of beech. Eat a good lunch at the restaurant at Margareta Pavilion. At the lawn is a statue of a girl with flowers. On the stage of hte open air theater behind the pavilion seems one to put up or take down after a performance. Go past the water stairs where it also bloom in the flower beds. On the way to the station Triangeln is one almost run over by runners in SMmilen, Swedish Championship in road running.