at Bergsgatan in Malmö. French nutshop Noix de vie and Italian cheese and crackers restaurant Il Topolino for mice. Street art by artist Anonymouse. Fun as long as it is now may remain.

December 16, 2016
Get off the bus at the town hall. From there it is not far to Bergsgatan. Near its beginning, on the east side, is the newly opened mousr restaurant and Nut Store. A French delicatesse with nuts "Noix de vie", an Italian restaurant with crackers and cheese "Il Topolino". In thumbnail mouse size.. Fun street artwork. Outdoor seating, mailbox, bicycle, bus stop... On the wall next to are miniature posters, alongside demonstrators. Many people who visit. Children, young people, the elderly. It is photographed. Exciting to see how it develops or is liquidated. Exposed to weather and vandals.

Walk for more human size places. Within walking distance is the chocolate factory. Where there is coffee and chocolate. Then, passing facade art, Moderna Museet. Soup lunch and exhibitions "artist", about the artist's role and Francesca Woodman photos "If being an angel." Twilight Walk past the Christmas tree at Gustaf Adolfs Torg, leaf light at the Casino and the lamp on Lilla Torg.