Moderna museet
in Malmö is a branch of the Modern Museum in Stockholm, it has no permanent exhibitions.

November 6, 2015: The sWorld in Fabric
Hannah Ryggen: The World in fabric. "The art await you around the corner." Clear signposts to Moderna Museet. Hannah was born back in 1894 in Malmö. Lived most of her life until her death in 1970 in Norway. World events reflected in her fabric. Spanish Civil War, World War II, Nazism, fascism, etc ... Parade fabric is "We live on a star". It hung in regjeringskvartelet in Oslo, injured in Breivik attacks. Restored. Ends with soup lunch in the cafeteria, fish soup and vegetarian.

April 6, 2014: A way of life
Taking the train to Malmö. Go to Gustav Adolvs Square to see on Faxe's flower bed. This year's theme is Harlequin. The harlequin pattern is colorful flowers planted. Purple hyacinths blooming, white pansies pictures frames, Crown imperial do not bloom yet. Nice, will become beautiful when everything blooms.

Continuing along the canal to the Museum of Modern Art, where the photo exhibition "A way of life", Swedish photograph from Strömholm to today, shown up to 18 May 2014. Title is a quote from Strömholm. Put backpack and jacket in storage cabinets, inside of them are quotes about art. The exhibition begins with a selection of Strömholms images. If you want to see more, more are at Dunker in Helsingborg. The exhibition are 29 additional photographers' pictures from the 40's to today. A total of 300 images. Many nice pictures, mostly documentary, there are also the ones I do not like. A lot of pictures, a lot to take in, too much for me . It is a quick walk through the second floor. For me was it worth seeing the exhibition.

Eat fish soup for lunch at Café Element on Löjtnantsgatan across the canal. Wandering slowly to digest the food. On Baltzarsgatan lies Lilla Kafferosteriet , with its own roastery. A double espresso and lemon meringue tart in its café. Have not been inside before. A cozy place, old furnishings, two floors with many small rooms. Larger than I thought. The patio do not appeal today.

December 29, 2012: Supersurrealism
Get off the train at the Triangle. On the way to the museum we glide into the Cafe Element at Löjtnantsgatan. Settle down at a window with a fish soup and julmust.

At the museum is until January 27, 2013 the exhibition supersurrealism. with works by known and unknown from the museum's collections. Among the first thing you see is a woman who exposes her genitals, but replaced with an anatomical poster of muscles and tendons. A bunch of men dressed in black with stark white faces stare horrified.

The more famous as Salvador Dali, Enigma of William Tell. Magritte, The red model. Video by Dali participation, including the animated short film Destino that began in the 40's, ended only in 2003. Many for me unknown artists. Meret Oppenheim's My nurse, shoes on a silver platter that looks like a chicken. Calder onion spider. Three giant mushrooms. The precursors to surrealism, already in 1591 Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted the Roman garden god Vertumnus constructed with fruits and vegetables. And more ...

Café Element
Moderna Museet Malmö

November 26, 2011: In my childhood we had a reproduction of the dying dandy by Nils Dardel. As it is shown in Malmö, I have to see it. It is one of the paintings in the exhibitio 'change of scenes' which is going on 15 November 2011 - 5 February 2012. Art from the Moderna Museet collection from the period 1900-1950. But first I need to have something in the stomach. The café at the museum serve soup lunch. Two varieties, a vegetarian and a meat soup. Takes some of both. The cafe and reception are in orange. Pay the fee 50 SEK. Storage boxes, in yellow, bear the name of artists. Lock the backpack and coats in a box. Even the toilets are in yellow.

The dying dandy is where you enter. Stand and admire it. It is darker in color than the reproduction of the childhood home. In the room with the turbine, the house was once a eliktricity plant, is a kind of "art workshop". Walk around and study the other works of art, including Sigrid Hjertén, Matisse, photographs "to travel with camera" from oriental cultures, Léger, Picasso, Vera Nilsson et al.

14 Aug 2010: Train to Malmö. I am not often in Malmö, fetch a map of the town at the tourist office in the Stock Exchange building opposite the railway station. The office seems small, a large city and small tourist office? Walk Östergatan. Studying the ornaments on the former City Archives and the former Central bank house. The house is called "Pittahuset" (Prick house), because the decoration is similar to a long line with a male attribute. Visit Sankt Gertrud, a beautiful old area with conference facilities, pub, coffee and meals. Turn south at the canal, follow the canal and then turn west. At Gasverksgatan is the Modern Museum.

Previously, a gas work plant, and then Rooseum art gallery. On the corner facade is advertised for the exhibition "and Europe will be stunned". The main facade is in angry orange. Reception, shop, and cafe has the same color. Pay 50: - in the entry. Lockers and toilet are in yellow. Go into a "cinema", this shows films that illustrate Israel and its creation and history "and Europe will be stunned". The second exhibition is "Spectacular Times", the arts from the fine decade 1960's, Warholds Monroe, Franzén Hells Angels where you look straight into a woman's sex (something different from painting the royal portrait), Rauschenberg's goat in a tyre.

Continuing the city tour to St Paul's Church across the canal. A nice old car with an equally fine old driver is waiting outside. "Wedding in Progress" is written on the church door. Walk Kungsgatan to Lugnet. Finds then the restaurant Jensen Bøfhus. It is almost full. A Hof (a danish beer), round steak, and salad satisfy. It starts to rain. Take coffee after the food at Cafe Grue, a nice little cafe. But forgetful, forget the ordered coffee. Apologizes, new staff and sickness. The rain is pouring down, crouch under the umbrella back to the train.

Moderna Museet Malmö
Sankt Gertrud
Jensens bøfhus
Café Grue