Malmö chokladfabrik
from cocoa bean to chocolate - Chocolatier, shop, café, chocolate museum.

November 26, 2011: Goes from Station Triangeln against Möllevången. 1888 founded Emil Mazetti-Nissen "Malmo Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing Ltd". In the 1960's it moved to premises at Möllevången. 1975 it was sold to Fazer, to be closed down the 1992. In the building is today, amomg others, Malmö Chocolate Factory, handmade chocolates and their own brand 1888. The chocolate is made all the way from the cocoa bean. It is a small room in which it fits shop, café, and a chocolate museum. Choose chocolate tea, chocolate pieces of four different types of chocolate (West Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Master Blend), and two chocolates (flavored with pear liqueur and aquavit). Sit down in the cafe part. It is loose tea, one must oneself fill a tea bag. Oh, pour half off. My sense of taste is not well developed, but I feel the difference between the chocolate pieces. Buy and write a postcard with a Mazetti motive. At a cabinet is a photograph with Mazetti himself. On the walls hang old Mazetti posters. In a booth are old pastille boxes. In another booth are molds for chocolate bars. Cans and cartons. Tutti-Frutti with a symbol that would not work today. Bronzil and salty liquorice figures, and more. A nostalgic trip back in time.

Malmö Chokladfabrik