By Light 2012
in Malmö. Light installations and lighting applications at Drottningtorget and streets and canals thereabouts, 2-11/11 2012. The theme is the city lights.

November 10, 2012: Taking the train to Malmö. Go Östergatan to the Caroli Church, which is the starting point for a walk, also for a guided tour. A large group is leaving. We go by ourselves, but we get a brochure with the map of the installations.

We start behind the church, a character with Spin which is a heavy bench with lighting that changes when you spin it. In the alley Sankt Gertrud are falling leaves projected. On a bench sits a bright man, on a roof are the words projected "Men's World" with symbolic flowing red (blood?) below. Are we men so terrible. Perhaps it refers to a woman's period? In a alley are red light rays.

Continue to Drottningtorget. There stands a tree of LED lamps in the form of balls. In the trees around the square hang light jewelry. At pedestrian crossings tests one lighting to distinguish and better illuminate pedestrian crossings. The facade facing Östra Vallgaten has floodlight, to make safer and attractive environments. At the crossroads has standard lights been replaced with LED versions. On the bridges over the canal do one also test LED armatures.

On a facade towards the canal are shadows of jungle plants and jungle animals projected, a city jungle. "The dangerous Malmö takes over", but I do not get afraid. Strolling along the Östra Promenaden. On a facade, a sequence that brings to mind the itsy-bitsy spider. Weaves its web, washed away by the rain, the sun rises etc.... Where the canal bends is a lump of concrete. On the blob is an octopus painted with UV paint, and illuminated with UV light. Along Rörsjökanalen are diffuse flags flapping in the wind. In a schoolyard illuminated facade and playground, with designs from the world of school.

In the corner Stora Nygatan and Södra Promenaden is a photo booth, Gigantomat. One enter and gets photographed and the image appears as a large screen at a facade. One gets ones few seconds as celebrity. I renounce my seconds.

Moving on past the Museum of Modern Art, which displays shadows and animations in 3D, do not see 3D so that I skip. Coming to the urban living room. Outside Caroli City is large table lamp, an everyday object in the public domain. Now we are back at the Caroli Church. In there we see a picture and water play of light and a simple laser show. The end of a nice walking tour. There was more but it would be too much to have with this here.