Höje å
Hikes along Höje river and treatment ponds in southern Lund.

October 27, 2013:
I put my bike at the bridge over Höje river in St. Lars area. Restaurant magnolia appears to be no more. Walkwestward on a gravel path along the river. Recognize me since the last time. By the river is a small theater, well a number of benches facing towards the center. One builds significantly towards Lund. Gravel path runs between a pond and the stream. I go over the river on the bridge before the railroad.

On the south side is a path through a pasture. Passing an of birds empty pond. Joggers pass by. Walking through an angle briefing, on a bridge over a creek. Through a grove up under the railway bridge. Railway pillars are covered with graffiti "We never forget Jona 1986-2009". Who Jona was I do not know.

Walk further on, between fields and shrubbery towards the river. The creek you do not see much of. A small path leads down to the river where there is a jetty. A slide for those who want to glide into the water. Too small for me. A ladder going down into the water where the grass sway beneath the surface.

Moving on. This is a marked trail, posts with trail marks the way. Land owners have set up a few meters strip of land for the trail. Several passes, some walking the dog. Meet a person I know a little bit, which is out with the dog. A friendly chat. The path ends at a staircase down to a bridge over the river. Across the river is the treatment plant ponds. In winter full of birds, today I see only one Canada goose. I sit down at the bird tower and have lunch. Look at joggers and walkers passing by.

Going back over the footbridge, and then the entire south side of the river. After the railroad, and after the bridge I walked across the resort, the trail is at the edge of a field, through a grove of trees until sheep pastarure in Sankt Lars park. A sheep come to be scratched. The path goes to the bridge and my bike. My walking tour is closed.


25/4 2009: A walk along the Höje river and treatment ponds in southern Lund.

I bicycle past Lund new indoor arena. As usual these days with the name of a sponsor, a local bank. The building looks like blocks combined next to each other. I park the cycle outside the restaurant Magnolia at St. Lars. The Magnolia tree flowers. I walk down to Höje river, and over a footbridge. Here was previously a pavilion and an animal farm. The pavilion is gone, and the animal farm empty. I go back over the bridge, and follow the walking path along river towards west. At a fire place near the meadows at Källby are people having a picnic. Pass through the gate to the meadows. Mallard ducks is floating in the river, a man is fishing, a woman is stick walking. Girls lie on their back in the grass, beyond them graze horses. A cat is walking with people and dogs. I leave the meadows, go on a gravel path under the railway to the treatment ponds at the treatment plant. Between the river and dams is a path. Towards the river, is it inaccessible. There are some trees that bloom, I do not what it is. In the ponds swim Mallard ducks and coot. A swan is brooding on her eggs. At the pond edges are last year's bulrush. At the end of the ponds is a path among trees and shrubs. I walk a bit and sit down on a wet meadow near the stream. A frog is looking at me. My dream princess? I try to kiss it, but it jumps away. I will not do. That was probably a common toad. Go back to the ponds, and consider to go back north of the ponds. There is a shelter where you can stand and study the birds, and an information sign about what one could find. The road north of the ponds is looking boring. I walk on the south side back to the cycle. Lie down and rests a moment beneath the magnolia before the long hard uphill home.


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