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Löddeåns mynning (mouth) is a nature reserve between Vikhög and Bjärred. It consists of pasture land with a rich flora. It has an interesting bird life.

14/3 2009; After lunch I drive to Löddeåns mouth. I leave the car in the parking lot at Löddesborg. From here is a gravel road that goes off to the nature reserve. At a parking lot along the gravel road are two cars, some men are preparing their fishing equipment. 'Bird sanctuary. Access forbidden 15/4-15/7 'is it written on a sign. Through an opening in the fence do I go in to the grazed meadows. Today, there is no grazing. It is wet, it was the right choice of having boots. I take the binoculars and study oystercatcher, gapwing, gulls who shout, cormorants are drying their wings, and I listen to a skylark. The cormorants are sitting far out in the sea on stones, it can be Lödde kar, an old harbor. At the river there are many people who fish, but most of them stand out in the water outside the estuary. I follow the river upstream, crawl over a stile, where a small road goes to a car park at the end of the gravel road. Two young men are preparing for fishing, 'What do one fish now', I wonder. 'Seatrout' answers one. "Those are fish illegally' he says and points to those who stand in the sea outside the estuary. 'It is prohibited to fish in the water outside the estuary' he explains. 'Impertinent of them', I say. I stumble over the stile into the meadow. Unmoved, this is how I am always passing a stile, I limb to a Per-Albin fortress. I hide behind it, licking my wounds and have coffee. Then I go to parking place one. Although there is an opening in the fence I'll take it as practice to use the stile, it goes better this time. At home I fry mackerel fillets, legally purchased in the fish car in the market place.

6/12 2008: I get off the bus at the bus stop Amiralsvägen in Bjärred. I walk north a few hundred meters. Where the road bends is a gravel road down to a car park. From the parking lot goes a long boarded path through the reeds out to a platform at the sea. The boards are slippery by the rain. I stand for a moment at the water and look for birds, but can not see many of them, and I return back to the parking lot. I enter the pasture land where there is a bird-watching tower, I climb up the ladder. It is cramped, I get stuck with my backpack, binoculars, umbrella, camera and tripod. When I'm almost up I hit me head in a wooden lath which I did not noticed before. Probably it is there to prevent me to fall down the ladder when I am up, now I instead almost fall down before I am up. When I am well up it starts to rain more. From the tower is a view of the mouth of Lödde å. The birds stay away from me here as well, so I climb down and return to the bus stop. There is no bus coming. The next bus will come in forty minutes. I spend the time talking to a nice young man. Now the geese's plow the sky. The bus is coming. "What happened with the last bus?" 'Broken'.

9/11 2008: I park in the parking lot just outside of the village Vikhög. The sun is shining but rain has been promised in the afternoon. I walk through the village and takes to the left to the nature reserve at the mouth of Lödde å which begins in the village's outskirts. I walk towards Löddeåns estuary on grazed meadows. In the north is Vikhög and behind the village can I see Barsebäck discontinued nuclear power plant. The coastline is made of small stones, in the south is the estuary. There is a strong wind and threatening rain clouds are sailing up over Denmark. A flock of cows guards the estuary, which I will visit another day. I stand for a while with the binoculars to observe birds. It is the rather empty with birds, it blows too much for them too. Far away, a flock of geese go down for landing in a field, on the beach are a variety of bird footprints. I'm searching for a water polished stone to Felisias grave, but there is no one to make a gravestone in the form of a paw imprint. What I find is a lifebuoy from the city of Malmö at the water. There are several fortresses from the second world war Per Albin defense line, I have a coffee break out of the wind behind one of them. A woman passes by, the only human I see out here, the wind is tearing her. On the meadow is a swan carcasses. I can not find a suitable stone, and continues to the the harbor to look at the beach on the other side of the harbor. It starts raining, I drive home. The stone will have to wait.


Bird-watching tower


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