Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Church visits - 20090912

12 September 2009: I drive to Sjörup outside Ystad, through the beautiful Häckeberga to Skurup. At Rynge do I turn towards Vallösa ochurch, also known as Sjörup new church. As in many other places, it was considered in the 1800s that the old church was too small and they built a new one. The old church did one leave to decay. The church is open. From the ceiling hangs a large chandelier. On one wall are three beautiful fabrics, in the middle of Christ in red robe. The most interesting is the pulpit, it was once a Balkåkra church, which also was abandoned for a new church. I sign the guestbook.

Continue to Sjörup old church, rededicated in 1969 after a restoration. It needs to be renovated again, on the door is a note saying that it is closed due to upcoming renovation. I must limit myself to go around it. The church is located on a hilltop, to the south is the sea visible. In the enclosed pasture next to the church is a camel. At the gate of the church is a damaged and restored rune stone. It was blown up to be used for a bridge building. It says that Saxe erected the stone after Asbjorn, who did not flee at Uppsala. Legend says that there was a battle at Fyrisvallen in the 980s.

Continue further to Snårestad, where the church was built in 1924. The brochure about the church tell that it is a reconstruction of a medieval church. The baptisamal font from the 1100s is probably from the medieval church. In the guestbook is it writtem that Swedish Televion South was here yesterday and wish good luck with the clean-up. Wonder to what? I light a candle for my dead and sign the guestbook. In the churchyard is a mound, Grave, troll, or just a hill?

'1867 was inaugurated Skåne's largest rural church, Marsvinsholm' I read the booklet. A huge brick church is it. It replaced the churches of Balkåkra and Snårestad. Unfortunately is it locked. The next goal is Balkåkra church ruin, I drove past past it without noticing it. The church was abandoned, as I said, like Snårestad, when they built the larger church in Marsvinsholm. The ruin consists of walls and a tower. Something like a bunker with sturdy locked door is at one end. The pulpit is now in Vallösa church.

Stops at the Marsvinsholm castle. The park is deserted. One should be here in summer. My last stop is at Skårby church to see the rune stone in the north wall of the church. The church survived when Marsvinsholm church was built, though it should replace it. 'Ante erected stone after Håkon' says the book Scanian rune stones. Difficult to see the runes, they are not filled with paint.

Snårestad church