is a residential area which is out in the 'country' in Hjärup between Lund and Malmö. The houses are built in medieval style. My eyes like the variations in the buildings and colors.

15 December 2013 : Christmas market
It is soon Christmas. The other day I got a Christmas card, Christmas! I forgot. Prints the cards that I should have sent abroad, and I cycle past a mailbox with Sunday emptying. Continuing in the rain to my favourite café for a cappuccino and a moment of escapism in the book "The worst journey" of one that was on Scott's South Pole expedition. In reality, I would of course not have liked to be.

My reality is to take the train to Hjärup to visit the Christmas market in Jakriborg, a medieval style architecture. From the station, go through the city gate, and there on the main street and at the square stands the market stalls. It's a simple christmas figure I'm after. Goes down into a cellar. At the entrance is a life-size nativity scene. Down below, the usual stalls with a mixture of brownies, bread, marzipan, jewelry, ... yes what is usually found.

But first, lunch. Hjärup Bakery & Gastronomy offers goulash soup of wild boar. Sit down on a couch on the porch of the cafe. Get also spiritual food, a bunch plays and sings spiritual songs. Outside stands a horse and carriage. Even the horse gets lunch. Then it set off with mostly children in the stroller around the place. Scouting fries krabbelurer, a kind of pancakes. Buy one to try. Not so bad. On the square entertain jester Arcadia. In a stall in the square I buy a christmas figure of a woman from Rydebäck. Children are kept entertained with pony rides. On the square shows dogs tricks. Go for a walk in the basement again. Too many people for me, it becomes a quick round. Do not feel for buying anything.

Goes out again and looking into the premises along the main street. The streets are filled up, father christmas is out for a walk. Some roast marshmallow, one manages to put fire on her. With the coffee I buy a cruller at Algots bread in Skurup, but without coffee. Conclude with a tour of the alleys off the main street, a pleasant living environment. Then the train home.

15 November 2009: Jakriborg pointy buildings is sticking up out of the Scanian soil in Hjärup between Lund and Malmö. The houses are built in a medieval style. Towards the railroad is a wall against the noise from the railway, a city wall, which is modernly decorated. From the railway station in Hjärup I go through the gate, and is strolling around in the streets, mixed high and low houses, open spaces. It looks nice, the eye like the variations in the buildings and colors. Also the lamps have an old-fashioned style. A red cat is peering from a windowsill. A magpie is strolling on the roof. In the center is a square. With shops, restaurant Valde-Mar, pastry Aningen Godare (Slightly tastier). It's coffee time so my choise is Aningen Godare. I sit down with a blue cake and coffee, overlooking the square. I leave the pastry and the square, returning to the railway station.

Will now use Skånetrafiken new card, Jo-Jo, and the ticket machine, for the first time. 'Begin', 'Lund', 'Next' this goes fine! 'Bicycle', no, 'Continue', 'Bicycle', no I told you! Damned. Am I stupid? 'Back', perhaps press 'Continue' here? Try. Yes! 'Adult' 'Standard' I put the Jo-Jo card with a chip and antenna in front of the reader, I get my ticket.

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