Rudolph Tegners skulpturpark
on north of Själland. In the park stands Rudolph Tegner sculptures in the landscape, with the sea as background. The museum from 1937 is built in reinforced concrete.

June 15, 2014
Rudolph Tegner was a Danish artist born in 1873 died in 1950. Railway construction work and Pågatåget Helsingborg is replaced with bus to Kävlinge, where the train is already gone. Must take the next, will therefore be an hour late to Helsingborg. Take the ferry to Helsingör and then the local train to Drottningmölla.

Here is a trail a few kilometers to Russia, Rusland. A grass meadow. There lies Tegner sculpture park and museum. Following markings over the railway. Then the path through the heath. A half hour easy walk.

The museum stands as a concrete bunker. Built by Tegner 1937. A remarkable architectural creation. Alongside a sheep pasture is a cafe, with a limited supply. Coffee, toast and mineral water.

Get a brochure in the museum with the map of the park. Visiting all the statues that are scattered in the area. Large impressive works. Greek myths, his wife, all symbolize something. In all, 14 statues are placed. Some visitors, joggers, others sitting with food basket.

Inside the museum, entry 50 DK, there are a variety of models of his works. Concludes with a raspberry pie in the cafe. Walking back.