south of Helsingor on Zealand. In addition to their own painting collection is a temporary exhibition. Park dominated by rhododendron. Restaurant.

April 18, 2019
Take the train to Helsingborg, ferry and then train to Nivå. Then walk for ten minutes to Nivågård's collection of paintings. There are signs showing the way. In addition to their own collection, which is shown in three rooms, is a temporary exhibition. "All the power to the beauty!", with nineteen century designer William Morris (1834-1896). The exhibition shows wallpapers, furniture fabrics, textiles, glass and books. Also works by artists in the circle around Morris and his wife Jane who took an active part. A lot about his life and thoughts. He eventually became a socialist.

It is a beautiful Thursday morning. Taking a walk in the park dominated by rhododendrons, not yet flowering. A lot in the bud, a few is in bloom. In the restaurant, we eat Easter plate: eggs and herring, homus salad, fish quenelle, baked lamb pate and two kinds of cheese. To that Easter beer.

Decides to walk to Humlebbaek, about four kilometers. Past a brickworks museum, Ringovnen, which is closed. Continue on Strandvägen, no cafes. Picturesque in old Humlebaek. Becomes coffee and beer at Lind's coffee shop on the square at the station.