Museum of Modern Art south of Helsingör on Själland with a view towards Öresund.

October 16, 2015: Yayoi Kusama: in infinity
Until January 24, 2016 is shown Yayoi Kusamas infinity. Retrospective exhibition. Take the train to Helsingborg, buy there combined ferry, train and entry. At the entrance are pumpkin sculptures. A lot of people. A popular exhibition. Begins with the buffet in the restaurant.

Then colorful dot paintings. Long queue around a collection of phalluses on furniture and shoes. Symbolizing men obstacle to a woman's career. What is the long queue to? Through a room with pictures and video where naked bodies are painted with dots. The queue is to a mirror room "infinity mirror room". White phalluses with red dots. Reflections repeated indefinitely. Five people at a time in thirty seconds.

Then past the colorful dotted mannequins. A rowboat of phalluses. Box with pumpkins. A yellow black dotted room. Peep into the world of pumpkins reflected. Also queuing to mirror the room with "gleaming lights of the soul". This is here permanently. Two at a time of thirty seconds.

Then a furnished room, where one is free to adhere dots. Red room, red balloons with white dots, mirrors. Colorful paintings.

Buy on the boat back Blossa fortified mulled wine in 2015, the taste of Earl Grey. The carpet is dotted. Got dots on the brain.

May 24, 2014: Hilma af Klint. 7/3 - 6/7 2014.
Hilma af Klint, Swedish artist around 1900. Rather unknown at the time, her later abstract works were after her will were not shown until twenty years after her death (1942). She has recently become more recognized. Until July 6, 2014 is a big exhibition of her work in Louisiana.

Train to Helsingborg. Buys a combined ferry + train + entry at the ferry ticket counter. Starting with going to the restaurant in Louisiana and eat its lunch buffet. This and that, with extra emphasis on good. Strolling around in the park and the nice weather. Resting after the food with a stone as comfortable backrest. People passing by, looking and reading on a sign. Finish resting, go and read the sign "Isamu Noguchi, Queen of Spades, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH." Oops. Hm, but the artwork was good enough as a lounger.

Goes to the exhibition. She is not easy to understand. Large and geometric abstract colorful paintings with much symbolism in. Spiritualistic inspired. Difficult to interpret, she devoted her life about it herself. How can a viewer do it for a few hours. But still interesting to try using the texts to help. The best thing would probably be a guided tour. Buys the exhibtionbook instead. Taking a coffee and cake in the restaurant. Then go home.

November 8, 2013: ARCTIC. 26/9 2013 - 2/2 2014.
At the museum is until 2/2 2014 the exhibition "ARCTIC", dreams, myths, successful and unsuccessful adventurers, people, art, research. A beauty but inhospitable. I have always been fascinated by the Arctic (and Antarctic), but never been there. Geographically, one might define that the Arctic is the area north of the Arctic Circle, with that definition, I have been in the Arctic. But Arctic, I think of icy areas around the North Pole, and does not include the Swedish mountains.

Taking the train to Helsingborg, boat over to Helsingör. Then the train Öresundståg to Humlebæk. At the station is a brick sculpture by Per Kirkeby. A connection with the Arctic can be interpreted into it, the Wikipedia says about Per Kirkeby that he studied as a geologist and was on an expedition to Greenland.

Starting with lunch at the Old Humlebæk Kro , not far from the museum. Long-established restaurant with "Kongelig bevilling Anno 1740" in a cozy half-timbered house. Smørrebrød, a modnet og håndflået kryddersild with creme fraiche, løg og Kartofler and a Lieutenant Sparre flæskesteg: skiver of nystegt flæskesteg med Spröde svær, håndskåret rødkål serveret på rugbrø. With a Tuborg Julebryg. I get stuffed, pleasant environment and good. Like some of arctic adventurers got Lieutenant Sixten Sparre a tragic end, a love story of Elvira Madigan ended with he first shot her and then himself. Wondering why the course got his name?

Oh yes, it's Louisiana and Arctic exhibtion that is the excursion of the day. Admiring first Henry Moore softly shaped sculpture at the entrance. The Arctic exhibition is extensive. Dreams and myths before one knew much about the area. About the unsuccessful Franklin expedition, where more than a hundred men were lost. Some were found after many years, including some graves and cutlery. The cutlery can be seen in a booth. The brought their life style at home, hardly adapted to arctic conditions.

Andree's failed attempt in 1897 with the hydrogen balloon to reach the North Pole. The balloon was leaking and it was forced to land far from the pole, they started walking back on the ice. They were found in 1930 on White Island, where they found the remains, equipment, diaries and photographs. The photographs taken by the expedition was damaged but still usable. Shown are many of them. About the little ridiculous fight between Peary and Cook to be first to the North Pole. Both claimed they were the first, but probably none of them reached there. But a room with irony posters/front pages from that time has got them to Louisiana. But also those who knew what the Arctic means, Nansen, Johansen, Rasmussen, are shown with pictures from Nansen's expedition ship Fram.

Per Kirkeby's watercolors from Greenland. Movie about how a giant glacier calves. An old movie about the life of the original inhabitants. Photos from a city in Siberia. Much to see, so one have to strengthen oneself with a coffee in the museum's cafe: Brombærkage, coffee, and Louisiana Kildevand.

What more? A stuffed polar bear, impressive size. A variety of art inspired by nature. A short clip from the film in 1976 with Superman, I have not seen the film, and after the video clip, I would not either. A video of the man who walks in front of an icebreaker. Moreover, the battle for the area, politically and economically, now I get tired. Make the Arctic (and Antarctic) to a world park protected from such exploitation, I think, it will probably never be.

28 April 2010: Have lunch on the ferry Aurora between Helsingborg - Helsingör. Train to Humlebæk on Själland in Denmark. Pleasant woman tells how the travelcards ticket works. A Henry Moore sculpture welcome at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition is 'colors of the art '. 72 artists from the 1800s to today. Many of the works from the collection Merzbachers. Kandinsky, Miró, and others, but most are unknown to me. Very colorful. A view of Florence annoys wanderlust. Wonderful colors. My pastry at the café fit into the color scheme. Continue into grayscale. Giacometti's anorexic sculptures. Henry Moore's juicy. The grayscale of Öresund. Grey men in a semicircle. A giant spider. An alien with an erection, 'That was long time ago it was like that' says an old man. Two large globes with nipples, 'eyes' is the sculpture called. I always believed that it is tits. Stick to it, so much prettier.