Jægersborg Deer Park
forest park north of Copenhagen, with walking paths, ancient trees, meadows, and a large amount of fallow and red deer.

June 30, 2012: Goes off the train in Klampenborg. From there it is not far to the Deer Park. Walk to begin with the path in the von Langen's plantation, 240 year old plantation forest. Go north on Mathildesti. One can go by horse and wagon, but we prefer to walk. Passing a bog, studying "wildhouse" that probably is used for feeding deer in winter. Some are out riding. Walk on Kristiansholmsvej to Peter Lieps house with restaurant. We pass it into the fairgrounds Bakken. On Bøgely we eat a 'frokostplatte' and drink a beer. On the 'platte' are herring, plaice fillet, pork, cheese, roast beef, bread. Then it's time to find the deer.

Goes Teatersti. Goes up on a burial mound, below is a meadow. Going down there, there stands an old oak, and a society which has an outing. Go north through Ulvedalene, hills and valleys. From a high hill takes a biker takeoff, full speed down, it goes well. Where it flattens out he crash. A big somersault, lucky I have a helmet, he says, and bicycles away on the path. A deer seem to have fun at him, the deer graze then calmly despite our closeness.

Turn west at a pond. Here and there, standing or lying are dead tree trunks. A bunch of joggers jog past. We turn right at the next intersection up against Markvej. At the path to Eremitages castle, a hunting lodge, is yet another jogging party. We sit in the shade under a tree, looking out over Eremitages plain. Out there, are the deer. The deer are not shy, but really close one should not go. Do not interfere. A large herd of fallow deer, a few red deer. They give respect, so we stay away.

We go Hjortekærvej against Emeritages castle. Out in the field is a herd of fallow deer. Passing the castle and down a slope where the people has outing, facing the Sound. Turn south past an old oak tree at a pond. Inside the forest looming deer. Continue on  Chaussen south, in a meadow is a party, and close our circular walk. Concludes with going into the amusement park Bakken. Oh my God! Packaged as herrings. On Kaffestuen is the place for us, coffee with nybagte Aebleskiver. One would think that it's apple, but it is pancake balls.