Assistens Kirkegård
is a cemetery in Köpenhamn. Here is a large number of famous Danish scientists (as the physicist Niels Bohr), artists, writers buried in a beautiful cemetery.

August 12, 2015 (published 19/9 2015)
Take the train to Nørreport. From there the bus to Kapelvej. Had actually intended to walk, but a friendly man sees the map and think the bus is better. At the entrance is so that you can take a map of the cemetary.

Here lie many celebrities. Begins to follow the signs to fairy tale author HC Andersen's grave. A rather uninteresting grave. The cemetery itself is worth a visit. Beautiful as it is. More interesting is the physicist Niels Bohr's grave. A monument to a great physicist, known for his work in quantum mechanics. A thick pillar, with an owl on top. He is with others in the family.

Roam around among known by danes poets, scientists, philosophers, architects, artists. Monuments, small, dilapidated ,mixed. The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard in a family grave.

People bike, jogging, walking, sunbathing. School classes have excursion. They'll probably find the graves of famous people, show some students at Niels Bohr's grave. Another famous Danish physicist is Hans Christian Ørsted, known for work on the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

On the lawn stands a mulberry tree. The berries taste delicious. Walk Nørrebrogade back. Eat a good breakfast platte on Nordskovs spisestue.