Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Krageholm

17 September 2009: I get off the bus at Sövestad church. Go into the bakery at the church and buy a pastry. Outside the bakery is a shy cat. Do you like cats ask a man me when I take a picture of it. It turns out to be his cat. I love cats. Proceeding along the road past the Krageholms nice windmill. The road is lined by an avenue. Sneaks onto the lawn in front of Krageholm castle. I feel like an intruder but I want to see the rune stone that stands on the lawn in front of the castle. Do not see any sign if access is prohibited. The stone is erected in memory of a husband, "Tonna sat stone that after Bram, her husband, and Asgot his son, he was the best of Bomän, and generosity with food, 'it says in my rune stone book that the runes mean. Skånsk hospitable food enjoyment, has a long story. Further away is a large stone at the edge of the lawn against a building. On the stone is a man with a cross engraved. At his feet have somebody drilled a hole, perhaps a memory from when one would blow up the rock. Fortunately, they saw the inscription before the explosion. Sneaks out of the park. Food joy, I munches on my pastry. Thus strengthened, I give myself off to my Skåneleden hike. This is another story.

Picture of the cat at the bakery in Sövestad can be seen in my cat gallery.