Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Kolabacken, Falsterbo

15/3 2009: So ugly! The bus runs into Malmö. A large dark box has been built at the entrance, Entré does it say, a new shopping center. In Falsterbo I go to the car park at Falsterbo Golf Club. At the car park is Kolabacken, the place of an old lighthouse, which was used between 1222 and 1796. The fire was with charcoal, and the hill is partially constructed of wood charcoal. On the ground are visible traces of charcoal. From the hill, I have a view over parts of the golf course, in the north can be seen today's lighthouse. To the south can I see bathing huts. I leave the hill to go out to today's lighthouse. The road runs through the golf course, signs warn of flying golf balls. There are many that swing their golf clubs, it looks safe with golf balls so I take courage and pass. The lighthouse is a yellow grey building from 1793. I look out towards the sea and consider to walk to Skanör port. It will be too much today, and I go back to Falsterbo. On the way, I look for cats but can not see any, at the art hall is an advertising for the next exhibition which has the theme of March cats. I'm hungry and go into the Kust Café. It is not big and almost full when I come. I get a corner table and order ciabatta with skagen mess. In the bathroom are newspaper clippings about the café and diplomas.