Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Fru Alstad

1 April2010: I am on a walking tour on Skåneleden from Fjärdingslöv to Fru Alstad. Walk the last part on an asphalt road with a newly planted line of willows to Fru Alstad. In Fru Alstad is a street called Wall St., It is Wall Street? In an intersection is a culture house, the village well is located in the crossroad. In the meadow in front of the church, 'Notre Dame of the plain' Our Lady Church, which is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a well. The village's first part of the name (Lady/Dame) may come from  Church's name? From the church leads a wet grass walking path down to the old well. The water in the well, whose edges are paved, is similar to kale soup. Does not look appetizing at all. It was a place of pilgrimage in the late Middle Ages. As proof of the visit a sign was carved into a pillar inside the church. The church is locked so that can I not see. The church is a pilgrim church today as well. one has recently put up pilgrim routes passing Skåne churches. The well is older than the church, which is built in 1400 when the old church from the 1100's had to make way for a new one. One sacrificed at midsummer and hoped to be healed from various nuisances. Perhaps the well is an ancient place of worship. I sit down on a bench and drink coffee. After the coffee I need a toilet. Ask a person with the words "Swedish Church" on his back after a toilet, he should know. At the mission house across the road. Afterwards I leave the village, a sign is both saying welcome and farewell. I walk north to the bus stop at the highway.

Fru Alstad