Vombs fure
is a coniferous forest area south of Vombsjön. Pine forest was planted during the 1800s to prevent the sand drain, which was due to the land being overused.

November 30, 2019: The waterworks ponds
The hoarfrost covers grass and trees when we park at Lake Häljasjön south of Vomb. A rider passes over the parking lot. We go south past a house, outside are canoes. Coming out on a small road, which we follow west. Along the road are small installations that probably belong to the waterworks. The water authority supplies parts of southwestern Skåne with drinking water.

Head south on a road past some of the ponds of the waterworks. Crosses the main road to the waterworks. Going south on the road between the ponds A couple approaches far away, but they turn off to the east. A swan family slides forward. Trees are reflected in the shiny water surface. Footstep of wild animals crossing empty ponds. Sitting down on a well lid for a coffee. The sun shines with pale rays. Going west on a grassy meadow between ponds, on a barely visible path through a forest grove.

Coming to a dirt road. Going north. There lies a lonely barn. o the west, the ridge Romeleåsen rises. The road follows a fine pine forest. Looking for mushrooms, finds nothing edible. Coming to the waterworks, where there is a photo ban. Follow the road back to the parking lot. Nice moss on the ground. There is a wreath hanging at the parking lot.

December 21, 2014: Sand ridge
Sets the car at Häljasjön south of Vomb. Walk the path next to the fence on the other side of the road. It has been raining, drops hanging from the needles. Coming to a path junction, to the left is Gröne damm, turn right into a dirt road. Turn east on it, a short distance to the sandy ridge which runs diagonally through the woods.

A few meters high and ten meters wide. On the ridge grows mainly pine forest. Partly not so visible. Perhaps it was created to mark a boundary. Bitwise unavailable on the ridge, follow the path next to the ridge west side. A lot of old trees. A bit of a magic forest.

Passing a forest road. Thereafter, the path is less clear. In places you can go up on the ridge. The path ends at a forest road. Coffee and cake in the woods.

Following the road north. Until a larger forest road. The road is here closed to traffic. Turn west. Along the road is a curtain with birch. In the south a row of oak. Many are labeled as eternity trees.

Starts to rain lightly. Coming out on the gravel road past the sandy ridge. The walk is closed.

October 11th, 2015 Southeast
Turn onto the gravel road south of Björka on the east side of Vombsjön. There is many parking places along the road. Sets the car in a parking at a forest road south. Walk the road south. Not a lot of mushrooms. The sun shines on the yellow autumn leaves. Mixed with deciduous and coniferous forests. No red deers can be heard or seen. Had hoped for their sound. Completely silent. Coming to the dunes in the south. Turn at the road. Many beetles on the road. Feast on the poop. Deer hurry across the road. Go down to the lake at a boat mooring. Low water level. Short visit to the beeche at Äskebäskan. Look for mushrooms and rare lava. Find nothing. On a tree are four names incised with the year 76.

February 9, 2104: Gröne damm
Park at Häljasjöns swimming area just south of Vomb. The ice is on the lake. Not one to be trusted, the recent thaw has chipped away at it. Across the road is a path along a fence into the pine forest. After about a kilometer cross a forest road, turn left towards a mast. There is the pond Gröne damm, an open oasis in the forest. Reeds and bulrushes rockers line the shores and frames the ice-covered water surface.

Going clockwise around the pond. Alder with pine cones and pendants. On a tree trunk sits a house secured. Not quite modern, but very beautiful. It has a relatively large entrance hall, wondering which bird can use it as a residence. A path parts the pond in two parts. Following reeds south of the lake. A low tree is lined in beautiful green moss. The feed to the pond is a tube into a small basin, outside it is a water level sensor. Completing the round.

A fallen tree trunk becomes seat for lunch. Sun and drizzle frame the location. Goes to the gravel road south of the pond, there east to the sandy ridge that crosses furet. Trying to walk on. No proper path and the rather overgrown with spruce, go a bit on it but stops. Below the ridge is the path, going back to the dirt road on it. Takes east on the dirt road, almost immediately is a path north. Take it to Vombsjön. Surrounded by beautiful pine forests. Connects to a muddy forest road. Crossing the North Vombvägen. Continuing on a road north, which according to the map is not existing.

Coming up to a narrow and a few houses on the crest down to the lake. Go down the slope to the lake. Reed, sandy beach, rocks protects the slope, the lake is covered with ice. The sun shines at times up the slope north of the lake. An ideal place for a coffee break.

Return back, just before the Northern Vombvägen is a path. Taking the west through the pine forest. The sun is low and lights up. Coming to a country lane at a farm, it goes south to the gravel road, which lead to the road. Along the road south to the car.

12 October 2008: Stop by the bird platform west of Vombsjön. Bird watchers is a strange race. Several telescopes are placed in the parking lot. One may not one look and not say hello to a stranger. Everyone is looking for a goose or something. I walk up to the platform, of course I forgot my binoculars. Then I drive on to Vomb Fure, where I take in on a dirt road and park in one of the many parking areas in the forest. A man who train his dogs in tracking, is as opposed to birdwatchers, talkative. I walks away from the gravel road out to a road that goes down to the small marina. The lake is regulated and it is low water so it is possible to walk among the reed at the shore. I scare a heron colony, impressive to see them lift. Continuing through the reeds to the southeastern part of the lake where it grows a deciduous forest. Eating my lunch at the shore of the lake. Beautiful autumn colors. Goes up on a narrow dirt road and scare there three horses. Back I go on a trail through the woods, in an opening is a good view over the lake. Three deer crosses my path. An hour with a cup coffee sitting on a stump in the woods soothes the soul, but there will be no more deer.