just south of Genarp. It is made up of meadows, swamps, small water, and intermediate forested hills.

May 5, 2019
Park at the Medborgarhuset in Genarp. From there is a path onto the Risen. A bunch of people are preparing to hike. On the dry slopes, a number of pasqueflower bloom. Here in the northeastern area at ​​the Studadammen are several wetlands. In the north we see the company walking. We are looking for orchids.

Can't find any tracks of them, not even leaves. Looking in the wetland west of the Studadammen. Find a lot of Marsh-marigold, some wild apple trees are in bloom. Lunch among the junipers on a hill. To the south is a water mirror, Marsh-marigold reflected. Scares away frogs. Goes to the wetland to the east. More apple trees in bloom. Here are some pine trees. In the water, Bogbean begins to flower. Scares two herons away.

Follows the Fälads trail (3 km). Clouds are reflected in shiny water mirrors. At a footpath Cuckooflower blooms. Make a detour for a water collection. Wood anemones still bloom. A wagtail goes and picks in the water. Scares a cat away. We're just as scared.

Into the beech forest, light green. Pass a shelter that looks newly built. A mountain bike trail is passed. Tired cyclist leads the bike up a hill. Bright birch by dirt road. Goes into a pasture. Along a wetland on the eastern side. No orchids. Wondering where they are? The pasqueflower is nice. The clouds are getting denser. Time to drive home.

16/11 2008:
Drive in the sunshine to the parking lot at the sports ground in Genarp. Going from there on wet trails on the Skåneleden to Risen. At the forested Galtekullen, I look for a sunken lane. Ancient road, which is seen as hollow in the ground. I walk around the forest south of the road that goes south of the hill. At Galtesjöhus is something similar to an old road, but it is too young to be a sunken lane. Then find near the Skåneleden trail south of the Galtekullen something similar to a sunken lane, maybe it is one.

Continue on Skåneleden to Vindsbjär, where I walk out into the terrain on the northern slope of the hill to look for a stone formation. The slope is cut and planted with deciduous trees. It's lumpy, wet, and cumbersome. I'm falling. A rock is where my hip hits the hill. OUCH! I do not meet anystone formation. It starts shooting wildly, it's pure wild west. I'm fleeing. Flees also do a lot of deer, it's hunting time. A dog is barking.

I walk back on the green/yellow trail through beautifully deciduous deciduous forest. The gunfire ends, maybe the ammunition runs out. Half one starts a heavy rain shower. A windscreen appears. It will be my lunch place waiting for the rain to stop. Then goes on the red trail over the fields to the Skåneleden and Genarp.

At the Häckeberg mill, I ask a woman about Karl XI's path, but she knows nothing. It streams in the water channel of the mill.