is a height with junipers and surrounding pastures between Knivsåsen and route 11, east of Dalby. Adjacent is a stone quarry. From the crest of Högebjär is a view south towards Romeleklint. Pasqueflower in the spring.

April 10, 2020
Park the car in the commuter parking lot at the exit to Björnstorp. Go the bike path under the road to the gate with deer. Climbs over on a stile. Walks on the recreated field and bushes with genista. A stock of daffodils blooms. Continued through genista. Comes to a fence. Follows it on a cow path. To the north, a gravel mountain towers from the quarry. Approaching Högebjer. Blackthorn flowers. A few more daffodils. Towards Högebjär is an opening in the fence. Pasqueflower bloom. Goes up to the height with juniper. It's nice with junipers and pasqueflower. Walk along the edge and over the stone fence that divides the area. More pasqueflower. We go up to the highest point. With a view north over the quarry and south over the landscape. Sit down with coffee and cake. What is it? Something black moving in the north. Is it not wild boar? Sure. We go down to the south, follow the stone wall to the opening. Want to avoid the wild boars so we go in a field edge out to the country road. Follows the roadside. Passes a fox carcass. A group of young people get off the bus to go to the Dalby quarry. Will probably party there.

May 3, 2015
Have set the car in the parking lot to Dalby quarry. Go Skåneleden south. Shortly before the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel at the highway is a gate with some deer. There is a stile that was not there at my last visit. Högebjär has since become a nature reserve, a sign inform about the area. Following something that has been a forest road, not particularly like anymore. It has been attempted to create a pasture with soil from the site which has extended the quarry to the north. Does not seem impressive results.

Pyramidal Bugle and violet blossoms. A fence blocks, but it may be detained of. There the road ends abruptly is a high heap. Goes up on it. North do one looks out over the quarry. In the south you can see Högebjär. Eastward is pale green birch saplings in the new area.

Going down from the gravel pile, following the height east of Högebjär. Högebjär is fenced with stone walls and barbed wire. Crawling under a barbed wire fence and step over another at a stone wall. Going up on the hill to follow it to the west. The hill is covered with juniper. The slopes are covered with Pasqueflower. So fine.

Go down and take a simpler way back, in the southeast corner is an opening. Follow a stone wall, without any barriers of barbed wire. Particularly available is area not, probably do one not want to have visitors because blasting in the quarry can cause stones to fly around.

30 Jan 2011: Cold but sunny. Drive to the halt at Knivsåsen next to route 11 east of Dalby. Walk the road towards Dalby quarry. To the south is the trail Skåneleden on a narrow road. Sheeps greet me bleating welcome. Just before the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the highway is a beautiful gate with a moose. I open the gate and come out on what was once a forest road. Now the forest is cut down. Follow the former forest road west. The road ends abruptly at a high heap. Goes up on it. The pile belongs probably to Sydstens quarries, which have been authorized to expand the quarry. To the north, I look out over the quarry. In the southwest, I see my goal, Högebjär.

Goes down from the gravel pile, follow the height east of Högebjär. The area has been discussed to be a nature reserve, how it is with that I do not know. See no signs about it. To the east, I see the deforested area with occasional junipers and deciduous trees. Perhaps the pasture land is being restored? Högebjär is fenced with stone walls and barbed wire. In the southeast corner is an opening. The juniper hill stretches itself lazily out. Moving up on the hill and follow the crest westward through the juniper shrubbery. The ground is frozen, snow patches linger. The sun warms comfortably. The Western, and the highest point, is without junipers, it provides a sweeping view. To the south is the ridge Romeleåsen at the horizon. Towards west and north is the quarry. Below on the northern side is a wet meadow. I sit down and take my lunch.

Wandering around, the sun melts the snow, a few juniper berries remain on the bushes. Follows a stone wall down the southern slope. Go west of the height to the wet meadow on the north side. Here, it is usually wet, but today it is frozen and easy to walk, though slippery. The north side is steeper than the south, some part is a scree. In the northeast is a frozen body of water. Cracks are running through the ice. Crossing the height back to the opening. The sun starts to finish the day's work, time to return home. Pats the juniper trunk farewell.