Svaneholms castle
castle from the 1500s north of Skurup, with a museum, an inn, and beautiful surroundings around Svaneholm lake.

August 20, 2019: The earl funeral grove
Head south from Veberöd towards Skurup. Departing on the road to Svaneholm castle. Park in the large parking lot. Not many cars. In front of the castle is a newly made tennis court, played earlier this year by Wilander and McEnroe in a showcase match. On the facade of the castle are some pear trees. Many booked tables in the restaurant. Half past eleven, we are first, get a free table at a window overlooking the lake. Today's is honey glazed ribs with coleslaw, with a salad tables. Good, but a bit much of coleslaw, some potatoes had not hurt.

Goes out to walk the red trail. When you come to a smaller dirt road you have a forest grove south of the road. According to my old map, there is the "earl funeral grove". There is a path on the map, in reality there are nettles and tall grass Open an electric fence, defies nettles and grass. Maybe not meant to visit the place? Before the grove is a stile and a gate. The grass is cut in the grove. Must be another way here. Three large laying tombstones and a place with two smaller tombstones. The stones are from Ehrensvärd's time at Svaneholm. Three laying large tombstones:

* Count Augustin Ehrenswaard 1854-1934.
* Countess Eva Augusta Ehrenswaard (born Hallenborg) 1864-1947
* Gustaf C.J.A. Ehrenswaard 1885-1906 (son)

* a smaller stone:
Gustaf v. Horn 1860-1925
Ebba v. Horn (born Hallenborg) 1857-1941
* a smaller laying:
Gustaf Peyron 1889-1968 (son of Ebba with Gustav Fredrik Peyron, divorced 1902)

Adjacent there are small benches to rest on. Fight me through the grass back to the dirt road. Goes into a forest, on a path past a shelter. The path goes a loop in the deciduous forest. See no edible fungus. After a few kilometers the trail joins the Hunting Trail, which goes around the lake. Germans discuss woodpecker. People with prams and walkers. The hunting trail is adapted to disabled. Follow the trail around the lake, at first on a wide boardwalk through nice swamp forest. Takes a break on a jetty. Drive home, stop for afternoon coffee at Vismarlöv's cafe.

26 June 2010: Drive to Svaneholm castle, dating from the 1500s, north of Skurup. There is an inn, museum, and fine scenery. In the park sits Rutger Macklean statue with his dog. The Castle Lord by the end of the 1700s who renovated the castle and modernized the agriculture. Today the castle is owned by a cooperative. Gets the museum a brochure about the area, decide to go the hunting path, a three-kilometer access customized tour around Svaneholm Lake. Going clockwise, starting on a dirt road. Into the forest at a brick house, known as Rökhuset but was probably a hen house. Between the trees I can on the other side of the lake see the castle. Go north on the trail through a forest. At a barbecue is a platform and a nice view of the castle across the lake. Some old trees lining the path. A lush forest in a swamp is  crossed on a footbridge. Dragonflies fly around. Chat a while with an elderly couple. The trail was completed a year ago. Outside the boardwalk do one not want to end up, in the swamp forest had one to put the poles nine meter down. Now it's just to maintain it as well. Continuing through the forest. The northern end of the lake is a platform. White and yellow water lilies are about to bloom. Sword Lilies bloom in the marsh. The trail is also used by joggers. At an old oak, a tree forever, is a bench to sit down on, for example, think about eternity. Cross a grassy area, a former bathing place, arrive at the highway. A mighty oak, Svaneholm oak, is standing by the road. Across the road, the forest area Hästhagen, an appropriate spring excursion. Going into the castle courtyard, where the inn features outdoor dining. They do not have any cookies, it will be coffee and rhubarb pie. Slightly expensive but good. Skipping the museum, may be another time. The park is home to several buried dogs. In the park is an outdoor wedding held.

Svaneholm castle