Trollenäs castle
castle west of Eslöv with art in a smithy, gate house, park, churches, cafe in Borgstugan.

20 June 2010: An afternoon tour. On my visit earlier this year was it in the morning, raining, and closed. I walk from the parking lot, along the road to the smithy. Today it is open with glass and ceramics, including watches with designs and glass faces. Moving on to the park entrance and gate house. Again, glass and ceramics, also a nice photo exhibition. Wandering around in the park, past ponds, small bridges over the river Saxån. Continue up to the castle. On the palace's facade is a headless troll, the Trolle signature. On another wall are three heads, maybe the troll's head? The legend tells that the troll got his head chopped off by a gentleman, but his head flew back. The third time he managed to prevent the return flight. The beautiful little church beside the castle is open. The church has its origins in the 1100s. There are no fixed benches, the brick floor is original. 'Do not walk on the gravestones in the floor' ask a sign, not everyone seems to see it. Light sprinkle in from a window. The vaults are decorated with slightly tarnished paintings. In the floor is a large block, beneath it is a crypt with the remains of Thott and Trolle. In a chapel is the remains after Nils and Ann Trolle, behind a gate with the headless troll. Outside the church are ancient burial cross. Leaving the church for coffee at Borgstugan. Upstairs is a gallery. Today, with paintings from the folklore. Buying coffee and apple cake in the cafe. It is too good weather to sit inside, sit down outside. Before I drive home, I cross bridge over the brook Långgropen, here is a also a car park, and walk the way up to Trollenäs new church from 1860. Fortunately one did not destroy the old church.

Trollestigen - path along the creek
Trollenäs castle
Café Borgstugan
Trollenäs smedja och Grindstugan