Råby hällor
nature reserve south of Hörby. Contains the valley of the river with Hörbyån, terraces, meadows, pastures, among deciduous forest.

Råby hällor is an area immediately south of Hörby. Contains creek ravines with terraces, meadows, pastures, among deciduous forest. Several ancient monuments, including a stone with a large number of carvings. The river Hörbyån runs through the valley. A smaller creek runs together with Hörbyån. A small gravel road crosses in the south, where one can park a car. From north it is walking distance from Hörby, and then one pass a few landscaped ponds.

May 22, 2011: Sets the car in the parking lot at the reserve's southern part. A stile is leading into the area. A sign is describing cup-marks on a stone, hard to see, but I think I see the cups. I walk up on the western slope overlooking Hörbyån valley. On the hillside bloom Meadow Saxifrage. Feel as if somebody is looking at me. A herd of cows are staring at me. Take the stile through to the next paddock. After me the cows walk on a long line. The ground is covered with daisies. When I look back I think I see the terrace-like formations, perhaps what was ancient fields.

Goes down in the flower meadow by the river. A violet, Hairy Violet I think, stands shyly among all other flowers. Arrive at an electric fence, which forces me up the slope again where there is a stile. On the other side, is a herd of cows with calves, further on shows some bulls. They moo friendly to me. A cow comes forward, I take a portrait of her and then look up. Wow, everyone has arrived, cows, bulls, and calves. We are like one big family. I stand locked in at the stile and fence, they refuse to move, I will not be able continue. Well, I've walked in there before, it is quite rugged further on. A young bull tries to climb a heifer, but she is uninterested and is sliding experienced away.

Going back, admiring a Greater Stitchwort, continues down to the river. Running water is soothing for the soul. It gets wet and also many tussocks. That must be the Early Purple Orchid. Sweet birdsong. By the river is a flowery Marsh-marigold. Decide to attack the reserve from Hörby direction, from north.

Drive to the health center to visit the northern part of the nature reserve. From here a good footpath leads past some landscaped ponds, benches to sit on. A Barnacle Goose stands out in a pond and sleep. After the ponds is a meadow. From the west join a creek valley, as I waded in my last visit. Must follow the creek another time. Drive to the Gamla torget in Hörby, take a cup of coffee and a pastry at Boijertz Conditori. A jackdaw gives me company.

20 March 2011: Has an errand in Hörby. Have also time to reconnoitre for a visit later in spring/summer in Råby hällor. Go from the north towards south on the trail past the dams. After the dams, it is pasture, still wet. Must boot wade the stream that connects to the river Hörbyån. Along the river, it is difficult and wet. Come to the meadow with all hummocks and wetlands. Find a rock with a tree as support for the back at the river. Will be my coffee spot. Then I have to return.




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