Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Knösen

A circular hike at Knösen, 10 km, on the northern tip of the Falsterbo peninsula with pastures, meadows, cultivated fields.

7 Aug 2010: "Skanör center", here we get off the bus. Continues to Skanör harbor on a gravel path along the meadow to the harbor. At the road to the harbor is a sign for a bird crossing. Purchase in the fish smokehouse, at the road to the port, marinated smoked salmon and a smoked salmon roll with shrimp filling, to have at lunch. Stroll north on the beautiful beach past the small bathing huts. Where a nude beach begins, we walk on a gravel path over the meadows and ponds of Flommen. Arrive at the ruins of the Skanör castle at Skanör church, i.e. the hill that remains with a hint of a moat. The castle was used during the Middle Ages when the isthmus was important for fishing. From the castle hill do I look out over the neighborhood. A group comes with nets, it is bumble bee excursion. There is a buzz in the grass and from the group. A schnapps song come to my mind:

We are small bumble bees we - bzz, bzz.
We are small bumble bees, which will take us a wasp
etc. ..

(wasp = "geting" in swedish is a nick name of schnapps)

After the castle we take north on gravel roads past pastures. Cows graze. At a crossroad we turn to the left, straight ahead leads to the nudist club Svanrevets area Solhejdan. Cows graze. Coming to a barn, before it we take left through a gate into the meadows. Follows northward an old embanbankment made up of seewead, once made as enclosure and protection against high water. Through a door to the naturist area comes naked people, they wade to the bank on the other side of Bakvattnet and the nude bathing there. To the north is visible a wind mill farm and the Öresund Bridge. Passing thickets of rosehip. We are now on the tip of Knösen. Have lunch break in the shadow under a tree and eat the purchased fish. Delicate, both the food and surroundings. Continue on the east side of Knösen. Have not seen much of birds yet today, but here is a hovering bird of prey.

At the farm Knösagården is a gate to a dirt road. Maybe one can walk at the water, but we do not know how it is at the other end. Can be difficult with the dog. Take the safe gravel road past a copse. At the water side do stout cattle, bulls???, graze on the meadows. Feels good to be on the gravel road. The road is also used by stick walkers and joggers. At a T-junction we turn left towards the water. There is a gate, could probably have been possible to walk along the water. To the south is a broad stream, difficult to cross.

Turns back and goes into Skanör, past the well known inn. Geese go freely on the road. Cross the meadows to the dog bathing beach just north of the port. Also humans can swim there, nice to have a bath. We end with a glass of wine at the fish smokehouse.