Älska Mat mässan 2011
"Taste, smell, shop and be inspired at this autumn's most delicious Gastronomic Event" which was held October 28 to 30, Slagthuset in Malmö.

October 29, 2011: Train to Malmö. From the station is it a few minutes walk to Luftkastellet in Slagthuset. At the entrance is an apple tree, an artificial tree strung with apples. pay the entry fee, 150 SEK, leaving the coat in the closet, and buying wine tasting coupons (5 pc) and a glass for 70 SEK. If you return the glass one get 30 SEK back.

I give no reviews of tasting of the products from exhibitors visited, but sometimes with a comment. It was impossible to visit all exhibitors, so they were selected in part by the interest and part by impulse.

Lunch was eaten in the fair's restaurant, chose a fish soup with a glass of white wine Dragunera Grillo (Sicily).

Visited exhibitors:
Malmö Chokladfabrik handmade chocolates and chocolate, in the former Mazetti chocolate factory premises.
Idala gård used a wine tasting coupon (#1) here. Hotel, restaurant, shop, wine shop on Söderslätt.
Rootfruit chips on different kinds of potatoes and root vegetables fried in organic oil. With roots from Halland farms.
Olssons utvalda, Hörby, KRAV certified beef from animals that are bred in southern Sweden.
Skattegården, Mörlunda in Småland, game and delicatessen.
Renkött, unfortunately I do not remember the exhibitor's name. As a former hiker, I have learned to appreciate reindeer.
Cajsas cave, hunting lodge with a wine cellar in southeastern France with French wines. Used a wine tasting coupon (#2) here.
Jakobsson & Söderström, wine club and importer. Used a wine tasting coupon (#3) here.
Selezione Barbror Guaccero, Italian wines. Used a wine tasting coupon (#4), a wine from the boot heel.
Nigab, spirits and wine importer. Used a wine tasting coupon (#5) here in a Sicilian wine.
Rosengård, Spices from Rosengård, television series and book about cooking in the district of Malmo with 150 nationalities.
Yngdéns knäcke, crispbread from Öland.
The restaurant, Italian-inspired cuisine composed by restaurant Era Ora in Copenhagen. Chose 'Zuppa di Pesce ", ie fish soup.
Silver Eel, farmed eels.
Vikentomater, tomatoes from Viken.
Hvens getost, goat cheese made from the farm's own herd of Ven.
Skånemejerier, farmer-owned dairy in Skåne.
Patisserie David, French pastries from Malmö.
Lakritsfabriken, liquorice from Ramlösa made from natural ingredients.
Möllans ost, cheese shop at Möllevångstorget in Malmö.
Allé, catering, banquet hall, restaurant near Kivik.
Larsviken, the farm shop with their own raw materials, at Viken.
Äppelriket - Österlen, sells and markets its members' fruit.
Koberg Vilt, products of wild game, north of Alingsås.
Buhres fisk, fish shop, smokehouse, restaurant in Kivik.

The remains of what was eaten and drunk get out again. The self-portrait is taken in the men's restroom. How many know that there is a 'toilet day'? November 19 each year. It is more serious than it may sound, many of the world lacks a toilet of good sanitary standards, read more on http://www.worldtoilet.org/.

Älska Mat Gastronomic Event