in Helsingør tell about Denmark's seafaring history. Built in an old dry dock.

December 30, 2015: M/S Museet for Søfart
Having lunch on Gæstgivargaarden at Kampergade in Helsingör: Søfarts Platte with sild, rødspættefilet, røget Laks, fiskefrikadelle, Fruit, cheese, bread and butter. Beer: house christmas beer. Suitable for the visit at the Maritime Museum.

Walking through the streets to the museum. Passing wall art. The museum is built around a former dry dock. Architect praised. Pay entry and receive a map of the museum to follow.

A light buoy as a start.. Movies and books about shipping, as Tuborg advertising and Pippi Longstocking. The seamen's lives, with tattoos and prostitutes. Tattooing one can try, though not real. Life on board. Navigational instruments, including chronometer, which is a clock used to determine the longitude. Its history is interesting in itself. Try to determine the position.

All-time ship. In peace and war. Today's large freighters. Danish shipping companies and exports. Illustrative movies.

The temporary exhibition "STORM". Paintings and illustrations of sea sometimes in bad mood. Something which many refugees across the Mediterranean will experience in these times of refugees.

In Helsingborg control the police our ID documents. Painless for us, no refugees in this tour.