Nakkehoved fyr
two lighthouses from 1772 east of Gilleleje in northern Zealand. Restaurant Fyrkroen at Nakkehoved eastern lighthouse. The lighthouse is like it was in 1800. In the western lighthouse there is a small lighthouse museum and it is a modern lighthouse. Both are located nicely overlooking the sea.

June 29, 2019
Have walked on the cycle path from Munkeruphus to Fyrkroen at Nakkehoved eastern lighthouse. Located nicely overlooking the sea. Quite calm. The lighthouse is restored to the coal-fired lighthouse it was around 1800. We are hungry and eat Stjerneskud in Fyrkrogen, dating from 1772. Boiled breaded plaice fillet with a pile of shrimp. Drink Carlsberg 1883.

Walk the path to the western lighthouse. Both lighthouses are built in the 1770s. In it is a small lighthouse museum. Everything from old to recent lighthouse technology. Rooms with older decor. In the lighthouse there is a seismograph, jumps in the floor and it gives a signal. A narrow staircase goes up into the lighthouse. Last one ladder through a hatch and you are up on the ledge by the lighthouse lamp. This lighthouse is modernized and in operation Lovely view. In the west, Gilleleje bathing area. The bathing area attracts and we go there. To the east is a rocky beach facing the lighthouse.

The beach is nice, nice in the water. Goes into the harbor. Buying fishballs and beer. onetime usage material and no sorting. Take the diesel train back to Helsingör.