Møns klint
on the Danish island of Møns east coast. Here are white cliffs with more than a hundred meters down to the sea. The cliffs are chalk sediments of microscopic algae that lived more than 70 million years ago. A staircase leads down to a narrow strip of beach below the cliffs.

August 9, 2016
Leave early in the morning. Stops in Stege. Public toilet text message opening does not work. Can use the toilet in the harbor office. Buy eight mixed pastry of your Baker on Storegaden. A visit to the church. Back to the car via the nice little neighborhood.

Note Mons Klint. The last bit of dirt road through the forest. Coming up to Møns Geocenter, located at the edge the Mons Klint. Pay admission to Geocentre and parking. Having the pastry for lunch with our brought coffee. Lovely unsound.

Walking on the boardwalk along the edge to the south. Through the forest, so the view is limited. Going back and down the stairs to the beach. Bitwise steep. About 100 meters down and nearly 500 steps. Did not count them.

Coming down on a narrow strip of beach below the white cliffs. Impressive. The rocks are deposits of coccolithalgae that had lime peel. This crumbly chalk was formed about 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. To the north, the sea has eaten up the beach. We walk therefore south. In some places, remnants of landslides. Scrap the wall, crumble easily. A lot of people. Beautiful weather. Looking for fossils. Pawing around. Many others do the same. Find nothing. Streaks of flint visible in the walls. A guide passing by says that one can find fossils in flint. Find nothing.

Walk back and up the many steps again. Visiting Geocentre, shows the history and fossils. Walk the path that goes north. Not much of a view. Trees obscure. Drive home. Stops on Møns golf center outside Stege to eat. They are closing, but get food anyway. Good burgers and beer.