Kronborg slott
Castle in Helsingör in Denmark is built on the second half of the 1500s under the Frederick II. Known for Hamlet.

August 17, 2015 (published 8/10 2015)
The castle is located at the Öresund coast and can be seen from the ferry. Walk from the ferry by the Cultural Kulturværftet and Maritime Museum, M/S. Cannons guard the castle. Outside is a model of the castle. Around the castle is a moat. Pay entry and go into the castle courtyard.

On the south side is a local church, inaugurated 1582. Beautifully details on bench gables, the royal chair, organ facade.

Then go a tour of the castle. "Hey Hey!" a guard shouts. No backpacks. Lock it in a box.

One floor richly decorated with paintings and ceiling paintings. In a ceiling painting a man is eating on another. In the Dance Hall, for its time northern Europe's largest hall, hang large paintings.

Castle is known to be Hamlet castle. An exhibition tells the story of Hamlet and performances done in the castle.

Under the castle are cellars, the casemates. A somewhat eerie visit. There is a white statue of a seated sleeping viking, Holger Danske. He wakes up when Denmark is in trouble, he will then arrange everything.

Goes up again, up the stair in a tower to a floor with beautiful large tapestries.

Then leave the castle, eat lunch at Kulturværftet. Then stroll in Helsingör with its picturesque alleys.

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