municipality in Copenhagen. Visit Frederiksbergs Have and restaurants.

June 11, 2011: Train to Kastrup, from there the metro to Frederiksberg. Walk Allégade to Frederiksberg Have. In the corner Pile Allé and Vesterbrogade are the restaurants, De små haver. Want to have the breakfast plate at MG Petersen Familiehave. But today there is  music and then they have a more expensive Music Plate. It may be that. Herring, fish, shrimp, fleskesteg, bread, cheese, with a Tuborg Classic, and an Aalborg Jubilee snaps. The restaurant is filled with people. The food tastes good, finish it with a glass of white wine. Then go to Frederiksberg Have. Frederik the sixth is as statue at the entrance. He lived often at the castle, built around 1700, located in the park. He remade the park from the French style to the English style. Know nothing about the styles, but a beautiful park it is. Have not been here before. There are many who stroll or sunbathe on the lawns. Goes around the ponds. On an island is a Chinese gazebo. On the railing of a pond sits a bird, what is it? A heron-like thing. It is a pleasant heat, leave the park for an ice coffee at the Cafe Phenix in Allégade. Strolling on Allegade and concludes with an Irish coffee at Bar Dutski.