Café Miao
café in Copenhagen where your while you eat or have coffee can cuddle a cat.

January 25, 2015
On H.C. Andersens Boulevard 5A, not far from the town hall, is cat cafe Miao located. The cafe serves no cats but cat cafe means that there are cats. If they feel like it, they make a company when you take a coffee or eat something. So not a place for cat allergies.

Several doors prevents cats from escaping. The cake offer is limited, it appears to be mainly simple food that is the main thing. The cakes are today apple cake or carrot cake. The apple cake is freshly baked but it is not carrot cake we are told. Selects apple cake and cappuccino. There is no vacancy cat. The apple cake is very good, cappuccino approved. Count to six cats lying or are lazy in different places. On one wall hangs information about the cats. A red-haired cat lies on the lap of a guest.

The guest goes, we'll take the redhead. Guffe is the name. Books and decoration goes in the cat characters. When they want to shirk for various needs, they have their own nook. To the kitchen cats are not allowed. When we go we leave Guffe to a man with daughter, they become happy. Guffe seems pleased with his new knee. Cat hair can be brushed off.

Café Miao