Arken Museum of Contemporary Art, is like a ship wreck on the coast of Ishøj south of Copenhagen.

April 10, 2016: Gerda Wegener
At Arken is shown to May 16, 2016 the Danish artist Gerda Wegener. She was married to Einar Wegener, who was the first to do a sex change. Einar called himself Lili Elbe. Dog in the aftermath of the surgery 1931 Portrayed in the film "The Danish Girl".

Taking the train to Ishøj. From the station it is a signposted 20-minute walk. Arken has recently been surrounded by water, an island art.

The exhibition is extensive. 178 works, small and large paintings, illustrations. One summer day, and ballet dancer. In many paintings is Lili. As a vamp. Nude and painters in the summer day. Some paintings by Einar.

Ark has more exhibitions. An anatomical cow by Damien Hirst. Niki de Saint Phalle dancing ladies. The staircase to the administration has plummeted. The sink to the toilet resemble a boat. One is satisfied after Gerda.

Go to the restaurant. Eat Sunday brunch. Get full up. Satisfied and good.

Go to the beach. There stands a building with mirrors. Digests food and walk a beach promenade. Drinking coffee on the food at the restaurant. Cappuccino and chocolate pieces. Buying postcard "summer day" and a magnet with Lili as vamp.

Take the bus to the station. The magnolia at the station in Lund bloom. Put Lili on the refrigerator.