a for disabled adapted kilometer long path from Fulltofta nature center, partially boarded through the forest along a small valley.

September 24, 2011: The Ravine trail starts from Fulltofta nature center. In its beginning is Biboet, which is a demonstration house on beekeeping and how to make honey. The trail continues on a constructed boardwalk through the forest. It meanders gently between the trees on the slopes of the small deciduous forest clad valley. There are place to meet and sit down for a while. Down in the valley, which here is lush, you can see a pond. At the outlet, they have built a watermill, it is open and shows how a watermill functions. The stream continues through a beautiful forest. The boardwalk ends, I come to a kind of playground. Do not know what it is for. Perhaps some of the outdoor educational activities that "House of Dreams" has at Brinkesholm, which the path passes by. I get to a gravel road that leads back to the Nature Center. In a semi-open barn near the nature center is the starting point for adventure riding on Icelandic horses, it has Kvarnbacka riding as organizer. A group is getting ready. The group ride away, and I go back to the nature center.

Kvarnbacka ridhästar
Drömmarnas hus