at Bjeveröds fish ponds in Fulltofta hiking area is a 1.6 km accessibility adapted trail along Kvesarumsån. Largely on a boardwalk.

15 July 2012: At the road between Ludvigsborg and Södra Rörum is a sign "Fish Pond", this is Bjeverödsdammarna. Drive in and park the car in the parking lot at the ponds. Sitting down at a picnic table and have lunch. People stand and fish, on the table is a box with colorful fishing lures. Gives us off to walk Fiskestigen, an accessibility adapted 1.6 km loop along Kvesarumsån. First on the gravel path in the forest. Then begins a wooden footbridge that runs along the river. At the bridge over the river is an information board about the fish in the river. What we see is a canker. The footbridge and river meanders in the greenery. At intervals are resting places. The river alternates between gentle and rippling. Flower, Meadowsweet, fern flaunts by the river. Yellow Water Lily has found a place for itself. The greenery is dense in places around the river. There footbridge crosses the river again, where the water is taken to the ponds.

I make a detour on a path through the woods up to Kvarndammen. From the bridge is a gravel trail back to fish ponds. There is a shelter with barbecue, toilet and water. We walk across a meadow to Skåneleden shelter. The windshield has its own guest book. Strolling over flower meadow back to the parking lot.

It's not far to the Södra Rörum, there is a garden café, where you can eat waffles a go go. Drive there.

Bjeveröds sportfiske