Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Uppåkra

At Uppåkra southeast of Lund was 'Scandinavia's biggest, richest in findings and longest lasting Iron Age city'. For many years there has been ongoing excavations.

8 July 2010: Bikes to Uppåkra church. In a field south of the church is this year's excavations going on. At the parking lot behind the church is the meeting point of the guided tours. We are forty that are listening to a good guide. The place was for thousand years from 100's a center of power that is believed to have spread over 40 acres. There are only small parts excavated. This year is one working where it was previously found a burned down house with the remains of humans in it. There was also a high building. High, because the posts was deep into the soil. A colored red soil in the post holes indicate a fire. One had contact with the outside world, roman silver coins have been found. Over the excavation is a tent to which one has made a gravel path. Inside is a small gallery for spectators. Findings of bones, glass, pottery shards, and a coin is presented. Outside is one searching the soil digged up. The guide describe everything enthusiastically. The symbol of the excavations, the Mickey Mouse head, can be seen along with many more discoveries in the Historical Museum in Lund. The head is believed to represent a lion, do not particularly look like one, but the manufacturer had probably never seen a lion, it is beleived to have been on a woman's dress strap. The head is on the flags at the entrance to the parking lot. In the former vicarage, there is coffee and ice cream to buy. It's warm, sit on the grass in the shade under the trees. One plan an archeological center here. We'll see, this usually takes time.

29/12 2009: Bicycles through the city to Uppåkra church. Uppåkra is located on the Scanian plains southeast of Lund. Here was during the Iron Age, a center of power. Several years of archaeological excavations have yielded many finds. I have no great hopes that I can see some of the excavations now. At the church is a sign with the symbol "Kringlan" which indicates here is an interesting place. On the ground is the plate 'Uppåkra utställningen' (Uppåkra exhibition) slung. Bad sign. At the parking lot to the church are information boards. I want to look into the church, but it is locked. In the courtyard next to the church is a mound, Storehög. From the top you can see north to the city that took over from Uppåkra, Lund. Goes along the ground south of the church. A pole with an 'R' (= ancient monument) is the only thing that reminds about the excavations. The clay soil is plowed and effectively hides everything. Perhaps the best. The white house which was at my last visit an experience center is today empty and barricaded. Meet a woman who says that there perhaps will be excavations in the summer, depends on money as always. Do I want to see the findings, a visit to the Historical Museum in Lund is recommended. Uppåkra and the Battle of Lund is the area's major historical events, local interests could invest some money on it. Maybe it will be a visitors' center here.

I need a something to cut big branches in my garden with, bicycles to Öspab. All sold out. Meet a friendly parrot. A friend asked the other day if Annes & Stortorgets Café, near King Oskar bridge in Lund, remains. Bikes on the way home there. It does still exist. No coffee is served, I buy some cookies to my coffee at home.

Uppåkra - a prehistoric central place