Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Skegriedösen

28/3 2009: I fetch GS at the railway station and then we drive south on narrow curvy roads. First stop is Arrie church. At my last visit was it wrapped in scaffolding. Now it is the fresh and white. The church is from the late 1800's, but have the origin in the early Middle Ages. It is locked. Proceeding south, after a few wrong choices we finally park in Skegrie at the church from the 12th century. It is greatly changed since then. The church is locked. It is located at the highway E6, which we rapidly cross. On the other side is the Skegriedösen, a 5000 years old dolmen. An information sign has nothing to show because it is not readable. There is a narrow parking pocket next to it. The grave has a large stone as roof, and is surrounded by a number of smaller stones. Traffic on the highway goes close by. Else is the dolmen surrounded by farmland. On the fields in the west, the soil is removed, the highway will be moved. First the archaeologists must investigate the area. They seem to have found a lot of interesting things. We drive home. North of Skegrie, at Slättarps farm, is a dolmen which we stop to look at. It lies in the field so I have to study it from a distance. In Bokskogen before Torups castles, we leave the car at a parking lot in the woods, follow a path and sit down in the forest and eat a late lunch. I leave GS at the railway station.