Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Simris church

next to the church in Simris outside Simrishamn are two rune stones. One of them is one of the few rune stones on which Svitjod, i.e. Sweden, is mentioned.

7 July 2010: Leave the bus at the bus stop just north of Simris west of Simrishamn. It is a short walk down the road into the village Simris. Hm, according to the map, I would cross a railway. Old map, the road is moved. The rune stones stands on a lawn in the shade of large trees, at the parking lot east of the church. A signpost describes them. There are two stones, sand stones. They are gracefully decorated, beautiful. Both are in memory after the dead men, on one of them is a pray that God will help his soul. The second is in memory after a soldier of the king of Svitjod, i.e. Sweden. They were for a while part of the churchyard wall. The church is locked. Like many other 1100-century churches, is been rebuilt over the years. Walk Simris village road west to a cemetery. Need a toilet. Finds an outdoor like toilet thing in a shed. In the other direction on the street, east of the church, is 'Knallens smedja' (smithy). Trying to interpret the description of the opening hours. Concludes that when it is not closed, it is open. So now it's closed. Sit down on a bench at the rune stones and eat lunch. Then it's time to go to the bus.