Slingra dig
an architect designed bird watching tower at Almaån inflow at Mölleröd at northern Finjasjön.

5 July 2009: I drive the gravel road from Finja to Mölleröd estate, upon the gravel path along the river Almaån to a shooting range where I park. I follow where the sign 'tower 700 m' indicates a narrow road. After 100 meters is a parking lot. One has here built a small dam to regulate the water in the lake. A stream is laid past it for the sake of the fish's. An old bridge cross the river, good enough today to walk on, before it was probably for the tanks. This was once the regiment P2s practice area. A gravel path goes along the river to the lake. A ramp of wood rises and meanders gently toward the lake. At the beginning of the ramp is an intestine with an outdoor grill for a barbecue. From the intestine can one see the lake and river, looking for birds. At the end of the ramp are information boards about what to see and the history of the area. One of Scania's oldest Neolithic settlement is some distance away. Some years ago was the meadows at the lake restored, today do cows graze the meadows. A gull colony sings. In the lake swim swans and coots. Otherwise nothing. I sit down with my lunch on the bench at the far end of the ramp. The bench mark the water level at the flood 2002. Next to the ramp grows willow thicket, I walk between it and the ramp to the water. Dark clouds. Raindrops fall on my head. It rumbles threateningly above me. I go back to the car. The rain falls. I drive to my relatives in Hässleholm and drinking coffee, eat ice cream with raspberries. Raining all the time. Drive home in the rain. It was a long shower.