Landscape park Övedskloster
restored wetlands and parks. Names such as Royal Path, Swiss House, Philosophical Path. White deers.

November 13, 2010: Sets the car in the parking lot at the majestic avenues outside Övedskloster, at the northeast corner of Vombsjön. Go past the bark hut, through the park, on a bridge over a creek, to the meadows south of the castle. To the meadows is a stile. Walk west to a stile. Here is a sign Kungastigen - "Royal Path". King Charles XV is said to have been here, hence the name. Now I'm here. Perhaps past the same old trees, some labeled as eternity trees. Crossing a cattle path through two stiles. Look! Inside the grove of spruce are the white deers. According to a woman I met earlier, they are curious. Maybe a picture? Okay, the quickly disappear. They are not interested in me.

Coming into the beech forest. Which path, left, right? The right goes up, guess that it is. I'm going to the Swiss House. Turn left at a trail junction, a sign is pointing to "Royal Path" from which I came. Young rather dense forest. Between the trunks, I see a small wooden house. Swiss House, built in the mid-1800s with intricate details and text with ornated lettering above the door. Why is it called so? Perhaps because it resembles a swiss chalet overlooking a valley? In this case Vombsjön unless the trees was in the view. Said to have been a street view. It is my coffee house. Continuing the path, below is Vombsjön  a bit agitated by the wind. Coming up to the highway to Gårdstånga. In a parking pocket is a car. A man with fishing pants and empty net. Looks sullen. Dare not ask about if any luck. Returning, I turn into the path named Filosofiska gången - "Philosophical Path". Signposted.

Goes on a path with leaves in beech forest, below is the embankment of a former railway at the shore of Vombjsön. Passes below the Swiss House, some eternity trees and dead tree trunks. Good for bugs. Some years is engraved in the bark of a tree. Q.G. 1937, C.S. 17/3 in 1753, I think it is, is it possible? Coming out on the Kings Path where I previously had a choise of path. No white deer seen. At the beginning of Royal Path I go down to Vombsjön. There stands a stately and beautiful eternity tree. Dusk, time to drive home.