Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Äskebäskan

1 November 2009: I have to see the beauty of the autumn. I leave the car in the parking lot at Äskebäskan. Two rusty stoves decorate the parking lot. Äskebäskan is a small deciduous forest area in southeast of the lake Vombsjön. I first go past a pine plantation. Then I stand at a 30-40 meter steep slope. A sign informs about the area. The trees autumn glow. The area has been allocated to preserve the trees forever. I'm here to enjoy the autumn colors, and get my fill of it. It is in the end, leaves dance down to the ground.

I walk between the pine plantation and slope. The ground is covered by a colorful carpet of leaves. Oak and beech extends their arms after the light. After 3-400 meters does it end, a fence delineating to pasture area. I walk down the slope, and come down to a forest marsh with alder. It is wet and inaccessible. Alder leaves lie green on the ground. I'm sinking into the mud. Saves me up the slope. Water is flowing out of the slope. Enjoying the foliage colors that caresses the eyes. Fallen trees is sweets for many. A tree dazzles me. I walk along the slope. Sit down on a stump and have lunch. The cloudy grey sky is obscured by foliage. I come to a forest road at a small cottage. The road takes me back where I started.

Goes to the place with a view of Vombsjön and with a picnic table to drink coffee. Already occupied. I find instead residues of a table which I take in possession. On the way home I stop at the avenue to the castle Övedskloster. The ground is yellow with fallen leaves.