in Torup east of Malmö. Museum of the lives and living of agricultural labourer receiving payment in kind, with a shop and cafe.

October 23, 2011: I walk the path from the Dansbanetrail in Torups recreation area to Statarmuseet. It is also possible to drive here, a dirt road goes there. It's lunchtime, the café offers a broccoli soup. A bit chilly today but it is still possible to sit in the garden in the sunshine. A child is playing with the wooden horse in the playground. The Café is also in the form of a store. One can have the coffee inside among the older furniture. The museum depicts the lives and living of agricultural workers, who was a farm laborer who received their pay in kind, "stat". They often lived in substandard houses near the farm.

For 20 SEK one can walk around among the rooms in the museum. The museum shows what life was for the workers, it is not many generations ago the system with payment in kind disappeared. The museum is divided into various apartments. An apartment is as it was in 1928. The kitchen with wood stove and cooking utensils, and a living room. This was the time when the labor movement grew up, here is a library, a red banderol and typewriter. Another apartment is furnished as 1952. In a barrel is salted herring. On a runner is the text "Duty and misery". Food is prepared on the wood stove. Clothes hanging to dry above it. The radio is on with the era's radio program. On the floor are toys.

In the outhouse live old-breed pig and chickens. Outside stands rabbit hutches. A kind of gene pool of today "obsolete" species in our breeded society. Behind the outhouse is a vegetable garden. In the outhouse is a laundry and a cow box illustrated. At one end there is an outhouse, which I use. It has modern toilet paper, but also the telephone directory can be used.