Vallby mosse
outside Kyrkheddinge is a pit formed by the inland ice, used for the peat and now water filled. Nesting and resting place for some birds.

April 21, 2012: Along the road between Staffanstorp and Dalby, just north of Kyrkheddinge, is a parking slot at Vallby bog. A small nature reserve with a bog created, a pit formed during the last ice age. I walk around in the grass and look after birds. I'm a bad birdwatcher, has, as usual, forgotten the binoculars at home. A mute swan is brooding on its nest. Here's a gull colony. Some coots are swimming around. Out there is some graylags. At the northern end is a house.

I make an effort to walk around the bog. Walk along the edge of the fields. In the south, grow some age bitten willows. Willows are reflecting in the water. Spring is coming, willow kiss lighten up. Someone has cut the grass on the eastern side. It ends at a private plot, so I return the same way. The partner of the mute swan passes. According to the reserve's information sign nest Red-necked Grebe here, out there, one is slowly moving forward.

I leave the bog and its bird life and drive to Linnebjer to see the wood anemones there. It is wonderful with spring.