a beautiful and unique runestone at Tullstorp church. 'Klibir and Åsa raised this monument in memory of Ulf'.

17 August 2016
Sets the car in the parking lot to Tullstorp church nordostt of Trelleborg. FREE is written on a box of vegetables. Picking beans and zuchini. The rune stone stands on a hill, which is also a memorial, at the end of the path from the gate.

A rectangular stone, approximately 2 meters high. The carved side is completely flat. At that appears a wolf-like animal and a ship with head, shields and rudder. The stone was found in the medieval church wall. Origin place is unknown. It is probably from the time of Harald Blåtand. A beautiful and unique stone. A sign tells us more about the rune stone. It is thought originally to have been colored.

The runes are interpreted to: "Klibir and Åsa raised this monument in memory of Ulf". Ulf's stone then. Nice name.

A sort of tombstone. Newer, yet old gravestones are gathered in a collection.

Drive to Smygehuk and have lunch at the fish smokehouse.