Södra Ugglarp
One of Skånes largest and best preserved stone ships is located at the farm Södra Ugglarp just west of Veberöd.

September 12, 2020
Drive through Björnstorp A large party will cycle on the dressage. Drive towards Södra Ugglarp. Head east at the T-junction. Soon the stone ship is on the left side by a horse farm. Before, you could park by the ship. Now it is blocked with stones. A little further ahead is an opening south of the road. Puts the car there and goes to the ship. The ship is 45 meters long with 39 stones, it is one of Skåne's finest stone ships. Probably from the time 500-1000 AD. The grass is well cut, so it is easy to walk around. Next to some stones, bluebell blooms. All around are pastures. Next door is a yard. Guess they can not mind visiting an ancient monument. As long as you do not disturb. The ship was formerly called Giättagraven. Goes down to Ugglarpssjön from where we parked. Can't find a beach place for coffee. Drive to Dalby quarry.

February 6, 2011
I park the car at the halt at Knivsåsen along the highway 11. Walk the trail Skåneleden towards the south. It is at the beginning a wet trail thrugh forest, it is partly still frozen, my boots is needed. Coming out onto the road through Björnstorp. From here you can ride a trolley on the former railway to Veberöd. Continuing on the road to the farm Södra Ugglarp. Take to east at the intersection. At the farm is one of Skåne's largest and best preserved stone ships. A pretzel show me into the place. The farm was visited by Linnaeus in his journey in Skåne 1749. He mentions that then there were 40 stones in the ship. Today 39 pieces are left in the 45 meter long ship. A sign tells us about it. The ship is located next to the stables to the estate. It is not far from the road. A woman cleans a pasture, a small dog is curious and welcomes me.

The fore and stern blocks are unusually wide, between them are stone rows on the starboard and port side making slender arches. Walking around and studying the rocks in detail. Lava and moss are growing on the stones. A cat walks by, it looks hesitant at me, what a strange figure it seems to think. It comes smoke from a dung. Adjacent are pastures. Horses run around in them. Thinking of how the people who built this tomb perceived their world, life and death. They were born, made new people, struggled to make a living, erected stones over dead, and died. It's like today. But coffee did they not drink, I do.

Goes to the lake Ugglarpssjön along the way up to the hotel, the Lodge. Find a beach site. Where the Lodge is situated was once a small cottage, Romelestugan. that was a café and hostel. Have not been there since those days. Should go there one day, but not today. Stops at the lake. It is a strange light on the lake, the ice is polished and partially covered with water. I drink my coffee and eat my cake sitting on a stump, overlooking the lake. Walk then the road back. A kite is flying above me. The table at the halt where I put the car looks like an ancient monument. Linnaeus continued his trip to Lund by horse and wagon, it was probably not so comfortable. I take the car.