Lindholmen stronghold
In the early 1300s was built a castle at the lake Börringesjö northwest shore. At Queen Margaret's time about 1400 a significant place. Today, the remains of a hill.

January 3, 2016
Drive off the E65 south towards Lindholmen. At the car park, the forest is gone since last visit. An angle passage leading into the pasture. First go over a hill with old trees. It is called the Queen Margaret's garden. Was then a garden? Walking on the pasture. Bitwise flooded. It has recently become cold. Thin ice.

At the bridge over Sege å requires gymnastic exercises because the thin layer of ice surrounding it. On the bridge stands a model of the castle. It was an impressive castle. Here has happened history. Albrecht of Mecklenburg sat here as a prisoner. In 1395 there was a 16 days long meeting at Lindholmen with 3000 participants on his release. Peace was concluded.

The castle was abandoned in the 1540s. It was then used as a quarry. At the time of Linnaeus, it was an impressive ruin. Today a grassy hill with a hint of a moat. The castle was built of brick. On the ground, visible brick pieces. One can discern where the courtyard and the tower has been.

From the hill you see out against Börringesjö. Cold wind, it is not comfortable. Cowslip waiting for spring.

April 13, 2008
Lindholmen castle located west of Börringesjön at Segeåns outlet. It was probably built around 1300 and was an important Danish stronghold in southern Sweden. Queen Margaret held here Albrecht of Mecklenburg imprisoned for seven years. 1395 held a peace congress. When Malmo Castle was built in the 1500s Lindholmen lost its importance and was demolished. What can be seen today is the castle hill, the remains of the moat and the outer protective barrier. The castle, built in brick, had a defensive wall with towers and inside the walls. Remnants of these remain underground and are not visible.

On the way west of the castle is a car park, from there you have to go a few hundred meters across the fields. At Segeå is swampy. Over the river is a footbridge, which on my visit seemed to need a renovation.