along the road between Holmeja and Sturup. The surroundings of the lake are characterized by beautiful forests and forest marshes.

November 4, 2018
It's a beautiful autumn day. Drive to Eksholmssjön, along the road between Holmeja and Sturup, to see autumn colors. pposite the road to Vismarlöv is a parking. Several cars are already there. Following Skåneleden on the gravel road to the west. The trees have received their autumn colors. The road disappears into the colors. A path goes down to the lake and the Skåneleden windshield, where a company with dog have a break.

We walk the path clockwise along the lake. The lake shore is an alder carr forest. Passes some piers overlooking the lake. Going past a scout cottage, through beech forest. Asks mushroom pickers if the path continues around the lake. Do not know. A company follows Karin Hoffmann's book about walking tours. They are not quite sure how they have gone or should go. They settle in the forest on a headland. Comes out on a forest road. Mixed spruce and deciduous forest. Takes something similar to a path down to the lake. Ends in nothing at a ditch and fences against a horse garden. Looks awkward. Walking through the forest back to the forest road. Where are we?

Holds right in the intersections. Autumn yellow larch trees lining the road. Past farms. Comes to Skåneleden and follows it back to the windshield, which is now vacant. Sitting under a large tree and having lunch. Turns counterclockwise along the lake. A large alder carr forest with beautiful tufts. To north is a deciduous forest with large old trees.

Time to drive home. We pass Vismarlöv and buy bread in the cafe.