Dalby Västermark
arable land which is a nature reserve, where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides has been used. Therefore, an instance of a weed flora.

23 June 2012: A different kind of nature reserve along the road between Lund and Dalby. Different in the sense that it is an arable land never artificial fertilizers or subjected to chemical control. Hera arable weeds is said to thrive. Turn onto a gravel road, immediately after is a car park. Arable Weeds, I know nothing about. Seems to be "weeds" all of it in my eyes. You must be more of an expert than me on the flora. Walking out there. Much buttercop. Following a tractor track and then soil strings which seems to have turned around on the ground. Strange, but what do I know about management? Nothing. It is windswept on open plains. Skylarks entertains. Different types of grass, some thistles too. In one corner is a pond, a pheasant is protesting my presence. Going out on the gravel road and back to the parking lot. Across the road is a herd of cows in a row on their way home, likely to be milked. Only a bull stands and stares at me. Driving home via Linnebjer, where can I find the Lesser Butterfly-orchid and red campion. Grass, I am no good on.